Patiala Babes Hanuman Gets Upset With Babita

Patiala Babes Hanuman Gets Upset With Babita

Micky is sitting tight for Minnie. Minnie accompanies Preet. Preet says she was not ready to express gratitude toward Babita appropriately, so she came to converse with her. They sit to talk. Preet asks them whether they are dating or anything.

Minnie says no chance. They at that point talk about affection. Preet says from this, she discovered that Kittu wasn’t her ideal man, it may be next one. Minnie says she is certain there won’t be love in her life. Micky inquires as to whether it comes? She says she won’t let anybody approach. Micky and Preet ask her what genuine romance is? Minnie can’t reply.

Ashok and Meeta get hitched tradionally with just relatives’ participation. Biji recollects Ashok and Babita’s marriage and has tears in her eyes. Papaji asks her not to review past and be solid. While their marriage is going on, a letter comes in mail. Sukhi gets it.

He opens it and it peruses that Ashok’s colleague is captured and every one of his organizations, reserves have been solidified. He gets strained. Ashok takes out mangal sutra. Meeta reviews Babita’s words that mangalsutra couldn’t give her satisfaction, possibly it offers bliss to her (Meeta). Marriage is finished.

Babita and Nayeem Bi are tallying cash. Hanuman says he will make pleasant tea for them. Babita gives Nayeem Bi’s offer to her. She at that point gives Hanuman and Lala’s offer to Hanuman. Hanuman says he can’t take it.

He didn’t offer cash to get benefits in returns. He simply needed to help. Babita says he previously did as such numerous favors and now this… He feels awful and discloses to Nayeem Bi that Babita implies he does favous to women. She didn’t believe that Hanuman can likewise have connection… He at that point gets tranquil and resumes..

can have connection with Minnie. Nayeem Bi agrees with Hanuman’s stance. Babita says on the off chance that he had done anything for Minnie, at that point it was justifiable. Hanuman says that is out of line with him. It implies he can’t feel for anybody. Babita is confounded, however Nayeem Bi watch Hanuman’s words and tone. Babita says fine, she won’t give his offer.

However, she will return cash that he gave her when she can. Hanuman again gets annoyed saying she’s talking regarding cash now. In the event that she needs to return, at that point she can return time he spent behind her to cause her to comprehend, feelings that he spent behind her.

He further says that he gave her such a large number of advices, yet she couldn’t see any of that. She just contemplates cash. Prior to leaving, he requests that her include dessert cash too that they ate together. Nayeem Bi grins as he leaves. Babita asks her the end result for him. She didn’t utter a word awful.

Hanuman is outside. Nayeem Bi comes and approaches he began having affections for her? He asks what? She asks him not to stow away and advise her beginning and end that is in his heart. She can peruse everything all over. He asks truly? She says indeed, love can’t be covered up.Now take a look at how these features of Patiala Babes.

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