Kundali Bhagya Preview, August 2, 2019: Karan to gatecrash Preeta’s

In the most recent scene of Kundali Bhagya, the specialist apologizes to Rakhi for voicing his sentiment before Karan. She discloses to him that Karan isn’t in the correct attitude nowadays. She adds that it is because of his misconception with Preeta, the main young lady who knows Karan superior to every other person.

Kundali Bhagya then requests that the specialist advise her plainly if Mahesh will at any point leave extreme lethargies. The last lets him know there is no possibility of it. Rakhi demands the specialist not to converse with any other person about it. Be that as it may, Karan catches their discussion.

At the wedding scene, Sarla is seen occupied with the visitors when Janki goes to her. Sarla reveals to her she realizes she is discontent with Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage yet she couldn’t care less. She at that point gets occupied with the wedding game plans.

Srishty is called for aiding Sarla. The previous is discontent with Preeta’s marriage. She thinks about whether Sarla is had and can’t perceive how Karan is the one in particular who’s made for Preeta. In the mean time, Karan censures himself for letting Preeta in the house and confiding in her.

He feels glad that Prithvi is going to destroy Preeta’s life and she merits this. Prithvi prods Srishty for caring for him and reminds her the time she despised him. Srishty gives it back to him. Prithvi discloses to her she doesn’t look upbeat.

Srishty discloses to him she couldn’t care less about him. The two get into a war of words. Prithvi takes steps to make a frenzy in the event that she expresses anything from her mouth. Srishty intentionally makes Prithvi tumble down. She cautions him not to provoke her once more.

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