Could sports gambling come to Georgia? Don’t bet on it

Its officials are uncertain of imperiling their association with the N.F.L., he stated, and that is presumably insightful. The N.F.L. probably wouldn’t look generous on one of its essential accomplices’ broadcasting another football alliance’s games. Obviously, however, Leonsis was looking further ahead.

“In the event that the N.F.L. is, they should need CBS to do this,” he said. “Perceive how far they can take it. Let the A.F.L. be the canary in the coal mineshaft. See what works and what doesn’t work, and after that they can draw again from that point alone broadcasts.” He stopped. “CBS will be exceptionally pleasant to us today, however I don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that they’re prepared for this. We’re going to take their breath away.”

After an hour, he was as yet stuck in New Jersey traffic. He likewise hadn’t quit looking at betting. Be that as it may, while his thoughts could be uncontrollably worthwhile, I was struck by how little had really occurred in the months since the Supreme Court administering. The wagering parlor in his field stayed hypothetical. DraftKings was flourishing in New Jersey, however it hadn’t yet been authorized in another state. Sportradar’s unstable development still existed uniquely in the creative mind of its CEO.

What’s more, the majority of the betting laws being considered in state lawmaking bodies included serious impediments on computerized play. Therefore, in many states that have passed betting laws, early incomes haven’t met projections. The development procedure is moderate, Leonsis conceded, and erratic. However he stayed idealistic. “At AOL, it took us 10 years to get to 5 million” clients, he said. “At that point it took us five years to get to 30 million.”

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